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6 Days

Teaching 6 Days a week!


Start as young as 3 years!


Over 50+ Teachers!

Learning Paths

Gurmukhi Lessons

Learn how to read, write, and pronounce all the letters of the Gurmukhi Script. Each lesson comes with practice exercises.

Gurbani Santhiya

The correct pronunciation (ucharan) of Gurbani.

Kirtan Lessons

Sing and learn – Learn kirtan with Gurbani Kirtan sessions.

Tabla Lessons

The tabla is the most popular percussion instrument used in kirtan.

Sikhi Camps

Engaging activities that inspire and teach the values of Sikh heritage.

Boxing Lessons

Boxing is great for self defense,

it will teach you awareness, discipline and striking.

Our child adores Gurmat lessons. They’ve blossomed in confidence and kindness. Truly amazing!

Every class is an adventure. My son’s excitement to learn and share Sikh stories is heartwarming!

The Kirtan sessions have been a delight for our daughter. She hums the melodies all day long!

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